The company

We are a company dedicated to provide underwater services, inspection and Non-destructive Testing under guidelines of national and international standards and classification societies.

We aspire to be a company that offer benefits to our clients, personnel and providers, meeting with requirements of norms and participating as qualified provider in our own quality system.

Our commitments

  • To deliver on time each order and requests of our customers.
  • To provide only the best products and services in a conscious quality effort.
  • We are committed to work together, using our best skills and knowledge for the benefit of our customers, meeting their success.
  • We are committed to maintaining our reputation for quality in each of our services and products.
  • Under any circumstances we lie to our customers.
  • We do our best to the cleanliness and order characterizes us in our workplace, with our clients and our people.

Our Values

Vocation of service

In our work to meet the present and future needs of our external and internal clients.

Continuous improvement

In our attitude toward work to create and take advantage of areas of opportunity.


In our work to ensure that everything is done right since the first time.


In our actions, consistent with the mission, principles and action guidelines in the organization.

Dedication, effort and order

In our work, to carry out effectively each task and ensure the safety of staff and facilities.

Social responsibility

To our community to contribute to its improvement and welfare.

Our Staff

Armando Rivera


Margarita Rivera

Administration Manage

Alfonso Rivera

Systems Manage

Angélica Rivera

Quality Chief

Jorge Trejo

Operations Chief

Armando Rivera

Marketing & Logistics