• Underwater services


Any type of underwater inspection: antidrug, by stranding, to buy/sell, to approve by class, whatever kind of underwater inspection you need. We have diving equipment highly professional and according to your needs.


We use hydraulic equipment to optimize quality of the finish and time performance. Besides hull, we carry out cleanings to different structures and pieces, such as grids, locomotion system, etc.

Propeller polishing

A locomotion systems cleaned is important, but you can assure more power and fuel save with blades not only cleaned but polished; we use international reference parameters for finishing the blade surface.

Cutting and welding

These works are very required in maintenance and construction fields. Also we carry out fuel cutting and welding to metallic pieces and no metallic such as concrete, asphalt, etc.


Tracing, recovery and bailout of parts, structures, afloat repairs. Magnetic patches recommended to provisionally fix cracks or hole in the hull to do not allow water ingress.

Photography and video

Videografics and photographic records as evidence of works carried out. Doesn’t matter if is day or night, our equipment works with low visibility Also, we can to install circuit close of TV, this way you will watch in a monitor what diver is seeing.


Save time and money using ROV technology (Remotely Operated Vehicle).This vehicle can inspect more than 60 meter under, besides it can be used un poor visibility waters and recording while is operating.